Streetly Tai Chi Classes

We run a Tai Chi class in Streetly every week, as well as several in nearby Sutton Coldfield and one in Kingstanding. Our Streetly class is at Streetly Sports & Youth Centre every Wednesday morning, 10.30am until midday. The address is Foley Road East, Streetly, B74 3HR.


We start with warm ups, to stretch out the muscles and relax the body. We then move on to some Chi Kungs. Chi Kung means energy work, and they are repeated movements that move the energy around the body in specific ways, relieving energy blockages and making you feel more relaxed and alive!

It may look like waving your arms around, but there’s a little more to it than that! Tai Chi has been practised for health, healing and self-defence for thousands of years, and we work to those traditions very closely still. We teach the most well-known form of Tai Chi, Yang Style, and so we then move on to learn the Yang-Style Long Form. This is all explained in class as we go along, so if it sounds confusing or scary, don’t worry. We have lots of complete beginners joining us, and you pick up everything as you go. If you have seen groups of Chinese people in parks in the mornings, they will most likely have been performing this Form or something very similar.

tai chi 001

Different groups may then break off from the wider group to do other things such as Push Hands, or other aspects of Tai Chi, but the above explains what we get up to in an average class. We would love to have you along with us. If you’d like to join this class, just fill in our contact form if you’d like more details, give us a call, or just turn up and ask for Steve and you’ll receive a warm welcome. But don’t just take my word for it – here is what some of the class members say:

“Attending classes has done be a great deal of good. There is a terrific sense of friendliness to the classes and I have made many friends. We have a great deal of fun! We also learn a great deal as well.” Mike.

“After the first year, I had a break for four weeks, and on my return I suddenly realised why I was there. The intense relaxation was amazing and continues through until this day.” Brenda

If the time or venue aren’t suitable then there are lots of classes going on in the area. A full list of our classes can be found by visiting our classes page.