Aldridge Community Centre – use it or lose it Aldridge!

Aldridge Community Centre – use it or lose it Aldridge!

Aldridge Community Centre – use it or lose it Aldridge!

What do you think about community centres? Do you think they serve a useful purpose for the local community? Please tweet us your opinions, we’d love to hear them!

But regardless of what our opinions may be, if we don’t use these centres we lose ‘em. Quite literally. They disappear and blocks of flats spring up in their place. Do we want that to happen to the one in Aldridge?

Aldridge Community Centre doesn’t receive any funding, and is run largely by volunteers. It’s an excellent space and rooms are available for a wide range of purposes including clubs, events and parties, at reasonable rates.

I for one would hate to see it go the way of so many other local community centres in recent years. If you feel the same, why not pop down to their open day tomorrow – bring the kids, there’ll be plenty going on! And you can see our Tai Chi demonstration too!!

The Aldridge Community Centre Open Day is tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 3rd November), and we’ll be giving free Tai Chi demonstrations from 2:00 ‘til 2:30 and from 3:00 ‘til 3:30. See you there!

There will also be photography, flower arranging, bridge, sequence dancing, American A line dancing, Tae Kwon Do, Soft furnishings and much more!!

Come on down, Aldridge, and support your local community centre! Meet like-minded people, have a chat and some fun, make your voice heard!

The address for Aldridge Community Centre is:
Aldridge Community Centre
Anchor Meadow,
Middlemore Lane,
West Midlands,
Tel: 01922 454337