Another story from a Tai Chi West Midlands class member

Another story from a Tai Chi West Midlands class member

Another story from a Tai Chi West Midlands class member

Here is one of a great group of girls that regularly attend our Tai Chi West Midlands tai chi classes. We offer Tai Chi Lessons, Classes and private tuition throughout the West Midlands. For further information please see our classes page.

Over to Yasmin Ahmed.

I have been doing classes with Steve for over three years. Steve’s unique style of teaching and the brilliant dynamics of our class group, who are witty, funny and caring, means I get the benefits of Tai Chi and laughter therapy both in the same session.

Since I started doing Tai Chi Lessons West Midlands I have a lot less tension and muscle fatigue in my body and the stiffness in my joints has improved. I have found that Tai Chi‘s flowing movements and different postures are good for my body. Tai Chi is a very low impact form of exercise with none of the jerking movements or uncomfortable stretches you can get in other types of exercises.

I enjoy doing Tai Chi because, while it can be calming and make the mind tranquil, I also find that learning what at first seems to be a very hard and complex manoeuvre, with time, becomes a beautiful, simple, easy flowing movement.

By regularly attending Tai Chi Classes with Steve, I found it to have had a very positive and uplifting effect on my mood and well-being. Our group is so friendly, full of laughter and very welcoming to everyone who joins.

Thank you very much to Yasmin for these words, and if anyone is interested in West Midlands Tai Chi, or indeed just Tai Chi in general, please either drop us a line or pop along to one of our friendly classes for a chat.

We have Tai Chi classes throughout the West Midlands including Birmingham, Walsall, Aldridge, Sutton Coldfield and Solihull, so if you’ve always wanted to try Tai Chi but haven’t got round to it, now there is a Tai Chi class right on your doorstep, you’re running out of excuses! Check out the list of classes here.