Tai Chi Form is like washing up

Tai Chi Form is like washing up

Tai Chi Form is like washing up

I’m often asked something like this in relation to taichi forms: “I’ve seen a film of someone who likens taiji form to the pattern of life from birth to death. Why doesn’t Steve teach this?”

It is possible to find an analogy for the Tai Chi forms in almost any complex experience: for example – a trip to the shops; a game of tennis; the performance of a piano sonata etc. etc. This kind of thing can serve as a useful mnemonic to help you remember the sequence of moves in the Taichi form. The more attractive the analogy is, the more lucrative the video will be.

Instead of expecting Steve to use the particular analogy you happen to have seen or read about, why not try creating your own? Here’s an example.

Doing the washing up

The first section of the tai chi form is short, but it includes all the basic concepts. It is like the first bowl of washing up which contains glass and cutlery and is therefore simple, but needs special care. Cross hands represents throwing away the first bowlful of water.

In taiji forms the second section begins with “Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail”, as did the first. Think of it as re-filling the bowl with clean, hot, soapy water. This phase of the washing up includes plates, cereal bows, mugs and other crockery. It has certain similarities to the glasses we did earlier, but a little more effort is required. Like “Waving Hands Likes Clouds” or the kick sequence, some things need repeated attention. The second section if the Taichi form closes, like the first, with “Cross Hands and Apparent Close up” – or emptying the bowl.

Someone needs bone marrow washing up chi kung

The final section of the taiji forms is the longest. It begins with “Grasping the Bird’s Tail” (or refilling the bowl). It includes similar movements to the earlier ones and some are new and more difficult. In washing up terms, we now face pots and pans. Great effort is required for this section of the taiji form; special techniques may be needed. The drying up and putting away follows, the sink must be cleaned, surfaces wiped over, cloths rinsed and put away.

When the job is finally completed, as sit down with a cup of tea is required, thus returning to the beginning where all is stillness and there is washing up to be done. In the same way, the Tai Chi forms return to the beginning.

You see how easy this is? Now you try.

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