What our Tai Chi class members say about us

What our Tai Chi class members say about us

What our Tai Chi class members say about us

Hi everyone. We have some great stories from our members in the “How Tai Chi has helped me” section of our blog, and we also regularly tweet little testimonials, but it’s recently struck us that we have a number of comments frommembers that are too long for a tweet yet not long enough for a full blogpost of their own. Here are a few of them!

“I have been taking Tai Chi classes with Steve for almost two years, he is a brilliant teacher, knowledgeable, helpful and positive, and lessons are always interesting and enjoyable. Being in my seventies it is very important for me to maintain general good health and that was my original motive for attending classes. The benefits it has given me is improved balance, flexibility and a feeling of wellbeing. The earlier you start the better but it’s never too late, and it’s fun too.” Derryn

“Tai Chi brightens my day. Why do I do it? The combination of biscuits, good humoured banter and waving your arms in the air (something I don’t normally do) makes you feel good about life. Concentrating upon performing the movements ‘in the Form’ calm and steady the mind, and prepares me for the chores and challenges of the day.” Tai Chi classmember Ann

“I joined a Tai Chi group because it enables you to exercise and use a wide range of joints which is useful as you get older. The people are also very nice and I like the environment that Steve and Fleur create.” Tai Chi classmember John

1. Welcome to Tai Chi Stuff’s contribution to World Tai Chi Day everyone! I’ve had a word with Him Upstairs, and he says he’ll hold the rain for one hour only for us!

These comments were scribbled on one of our comments cards anonymously – “After my first class of Tai Chi I knew it was what I had been looking for all my life! Steve’s class is totally enjoyable. I enjoy all the information about Tai Chi’s history, ethos and philosophy. His humour, encouragement and patience, and personal skill make the class unmissable.”

We’ll put more up next month!