Gung Hey Fat Choi 4713! Come along to Chinese New Year celebrations at the Arcadian Centre on 22nd February!

Gung Hey Fat Choi 4713! Come along to Chinese New Year celebrations at the Arcadian Centre on 22nd February!

Gung Hey Fat Choi 4713! Come along to Chinese New Year celebrations at the Arcadian Centre on 22nd February!


On February 19th, it’s Chinese New Year. You can find out more about Chinese New Year in this previous blogpost. It’s the year of the Goat! So let’s have some background about Goat people!

The Goat’s Personality: Calm, Gentle…

People born in the year of the Goat are generally believed to be gentle mild-mannered, shy, stable, sympathetic, amicable, and brimming with a strong sense of kind heartedness and justice. They have strong creativity, perseverance, and acquire professional skills well. Although they look gentle on the surface, they are tough on the inside, always insisting on their own opinions. They have strong inner resilience and excellent defensive instincts. Though they prefer to be in groups, they do not want to be the centre of attention. They are reserved and quiet, most likely because they like spending much time in their thoughts. Goats like to spend money on fashionable things that give them a first class appearance. Although goats enjoy spending money on the finer things in life, they are not snobbish.

Good Health for “Goats”

People born in the year of the Goat are very serene and calm. Therefore they tend to have fewer health problems. If goat people are in mental and emotional good spirits, this should have a positive effect on their physical health. Eating fresh and organic produce, and eliminating red meat from their diet when possible, is an effective way to keep healthy. They should get out among nature and commune with the great outdoors. Fresh air, trees, and sunshine will all do wonders for their health. Goat people should have a regular schedule for meals and keep their sleep and waking times consistent.

The Best Jobs or Career for Goats

People born in the year of the goat prefer to work in a team. Their best work partners are Horses. They are not crazy about status and power. Unless asked, they won’t ever volunteer for anything and act as leaders. Good career choices for goats are paediatrician, actor, day-care teacher, interior designer, florist, hair stylist, musician, editor, illustrator, and art history teacher.

The usual celebrations are on at The Arcadian Centre in Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter on February 22nd, and there is a list of events taking place that day below. Go along and have a good time while you can, ’cause Birmingham Council are talking about taking away the funding from this event!!! They keep telling us that we need to be more multi-cultural, and then they want to remove the funding from a happy, peaceful event where, over the course of the day, 30,000 people from all walks of life came together last year and enjoyed a festival from a culture on the other side of the world. I’m gonna shut up about it now. Fleur is giving me that look. You are probably all sick and tired of me banging on about it in class, but I mean, really, blah blah blah etc.

Sunday 22nd February Arcadian Centre, Hurst Street, B5 4TD

The programme (which may be subject to change, and was taken from their website) at Arcadian Centre is as follows:

12:30 Waking of the Lions

12:45 Speeches

13:15 Mongolian Group Dance (Overseas Chinese Association School)

13:21 Fan Dance (Birmingham Chinese School)

13:26 God of Wealth,

13:34 Flower Basket Dance (Birmingham Chinese Society Dancing Group)

13:44 Tian Mi Mi (C C CBirmingham – Suet Fun Chung)

13:47 Kung Fu Sword (Yang Tai Chi School)

13:52 Dunhuang Dance : Thousand Handed Buddha (Wanlin Troupe)

13:59 A Trio Modern Dance (Overseas Chinese Association School)

14:06 Tai Chi Sword (Birmingham Chinese School – Yanyan Yang)

14:11 Good Wishes (Birmingham Chinese Karaoke Group)

14:16 Good Fortune (Chinese Community Centre – Birmingham)

14:20 Happy Year after Year (Birmingham Chinese Women Association)

14:44 Children Singing (Overseas Chinese Association School)

14:49 Parasol Dance : Rainy Alley in a Small Town (Wanlin Dance Troupe)

14:56 Tibetan Dance (Birmingham Chinese Society Dancing Group)

15:03 Welcome the Blossom of Spring

15:06 Xinjiang Dance (Chinese Community Centre – Birmingham)

15:11 Yang Tai Chi Quan (Yang Tai Chi School)

15:19 Melody of China (Chinese Youth Violin Performance)

15:29 Xinjiang Dance : Scarlet Flowers (Wanlin Dance Troupe)

15:34 Xi Feng (Chinese Community Centre Birmingham – Suet Fun Chung & Lianxiang Deng)

15:38 Tai Chi Kong Fu Fan (Yang Tai Chi School)

15:46 Fan Dance : Spring Blossoms on Moonlit River (Troupe)

15:51 Riverside Town in Dream

15:56 Singing (Stella Wan)

16:06 Kung Fu Dao (Yang Tai Chi School)

16:16 Wudang Fist (Wanlin Dance Troupe – Pablo Salas Vazquez)

16:19 Nearu Martial Arts Performance (Nearu Martial Arts School)

16:29 Jian Kang Ge; Tao Hua Duo Duo Kai (Robin Hood School)

16:36 Wudang Sword (Wanlin Dance Troupe – Wanlin Steele and Pablo Salas Vazquez)

16:40 Chun Xiao; Xin Nian Hao Ya; Yi Shan Yi Shan Liang Jin Jin (Robin Hood School.

16:50 Nearu Martial Arts Performance (Nearu Martial Arts School)

17:00 Final Appearance of the Lion Dance

17:20 Fireworks

17:30 Close

See you there!

Gung Hey Fat Choi 4713! Come along to Chinese New Year celebrations at the Arcadian Centre on 22nd February! 1