How Tai Chi Chuan Lessons have helped me.

How Tai Chi Chuan Lessons have helped me.

How Tai Chi Chuan Lessons have helped me.

This time we hear from one of Thursday afternoon’s students from one of our Sutton Coldfield classes. Although he hasn’t been studying for very long he has learned a great deal about himself as well.

So, over to…

Hi, my name is George. I have been doing Taichi lessons with Steve at the Thursday afternoon class for about 18 months.

What started me wanting to take Taiji lessons? It started in Berkeley, California when visiting our son. We would take our grandchildren to the park and on every visit there was always a Chinese man in the park with a group of people doingTai Chi. I would just stand there transfixed. I decided there and then that’s what I wanted to do. Tai Chi was for me.

The only class I could find at the time was a Qi Gong class. I did this for a while but it was not what I wanted. It was too much standing in one position.

I was given Steve’s phone number that’s how I came to be at Steve’s Thursday Taiji Chuan lessons. It’s a friendly group of people. It’s two groups in one. Some of us are beginners studying the first part of the form, and the rest doing the second part. We just all blend in. It’s great!

I find Steve’s style of teaching great. His lessons are unique. It’s precise. He makes you feel relaxed and this make you feel good in your mind. He’s looking at your posture so our bodies are not over stretched.

I also find Steve’s Sunday Tai Chi sessions at Aldridge interesting. Da Lu, San Sau, Self Defense and other subjects. All the lessons are great. You learn so much and I find it good fun. Some of the people that go to these lessons have been training for a long time and are very good, but you don’t feel out of place. Even though I am a novice, they make me feel at ease, and there are plenty of others like me.

Steve’s got Fleur to teach me Push Hands during my Tai Chi lesson. I am learning so much from Fleur. She makes it enjoyable and gives out lots of tips to help improve your practices. I must say that when I started with Fleur my posture was poor, but not any more. It’s a lot straighter now thanks to Fleur’s finger pokes!

Steve’s Thursday Taichi lessons leave me feeling calm and relaxed.

Thank you very much to George for his contribution to our blog. For further information about our Taichi Chuan lessons, or any other aspect of Tai Chi, please pop along to any class, or contact us via the contact page.

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