Introducing Our Solihull Tai Chi Class

Introducing Our Solihull Tai Chi Class

Introducing Our Solihull Tai Chi Class

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The Solihull Tai Chi class is a phoenix class.

Some of the people in this class were in an Adult Education class in Acocks Green, but when there were problems with the venue, instead of giving up, we said GOODBYE and came up with the local dance studio as an alternative venue. It was cold last Winter and still, everyone turned out to support this class. You can’t put these ladies and gents down easily! When the dance studio closed it could have been the end of this class. But no. They found the church hall in Olton and Tai ChiSolihull was off again!

This is a testament to the resilience and fortitude which tai chi can provide if you let it. This Olton tai chi class is fun as well as a learning experience, as the banter keeps me laughing half of the time. You learn a set of warm-up exercises, (nothing too strenuous!) and then we study simple Chi Kungs, (simple repetitive movements) that help stretch out the body and move the ”Chi” or the internal energy of the body.

Over 20% of the world’s population now practice Tai Chi, which is a series of slow, relaxed meditative movements designed originally as a martial art. The daily practice of these circular, spiralling motions of the body enhances health, improves balance and prevents future health problems. Our Solihull Tai Chi lessons give a weekly improvement session for attendees who can then benefit from the exercises every day of their lives, giving them strength and vitality they never knew they had to begin with!

We take a short break about halfway through, and then we learn what the Chinese call “Form”. Forms are what you see Chinese people doing when they exercise first thing in the morning. The dance-like sequence of movements that most people think of as Tai Chi. There are lots of Tai Chi styles and Forms. I teach Yang Style and Yang’s Long Form. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what that is. If you feel like it, come along to our Solihull Tai Chi classes and I will show you.

Tai Chi Classes in Solihull finish with traditional cool-down exercises and then we stand around nattering for a while. So there you have it, a typical Olton tai chi class. Solihull Tai Chi is fun, friendly and you know what? It might just change your life. Come along and ask for me, Steve. I and the lovely class members will make you feel at home from the start.