The Year of the Snake – Snakes and the 5 elements.

The Year of the Snake – Snakes and the 5 elements.

The Year of the Snake – Snakes and the 5 elements.

We’re all looking forward to the Chinese New Year celebrations for Year of the Snake down at the Arcadian Centre in Birmingham on Sunday, so what better time to discuss the Chinese Zodiac in more detail.

We’ve already posted about the personality, health, career, and relationship traits that the Chinese believe to be associated with people born in the year of the Snake here. But some also believe these traits very depending on which year of the Snake you were born in, as shown below.

Metal Snake – Years 1941 and 2001

Incredibly goal-oriented, Metal Snakes will stop at nothing to get that which they believe they deserve. Failure is not in their vocabularies. With their money, they’re continually acquiring more and more possessions – for themselves.

Water Snake – Years 1953 and 2013

Influential, motivated, insightful, and highly intellectual are words that best characterise Water Snakes. These Snakes work well with others and enjoy being recognised and rewarded. They’ll reveal feelings to those closest to them, but no one else.

Wood Snake – Years 1905 and 1965

Kind and genuine, these Snakes enjoy building a solid foundation of friends and family whom they love deeply and whose company they enjoy immensely. But even with all this support, Wood Snakes rarely seek the advice of others.

Fire Snake – Years 1917 and 1977

Fire Snakes are more extroverted, forever offering opinions and telling others what’s on their minds. Even so, others enjoy listening to Dire Straits, sorry I meant Fire Snakes. They’re very persuasive and are especially good at convincing others that their ways are best.

Earth Snakes – Years 1929 and 1989

Earth Snakes always seem to be calm and content. They’re friendly and approachable and believe that they’ll reap great rewards by working hard and relying on common sense.

Stop me in class if you’d like to know any more! The picture above is a stone circle carved with the symbols of the Chinese Zodiac, which can be found by the entrance to the Old Town of Lijiang, Yunnan, in case you were wondering!”